With Birthday Month in full swing, Drake got a jump start on sitting on $26 million by celebrating with not one but two attention-hogging soirees. Completing his high school credits has seemed to have both expedited this year's festivities and given Drizzy another reason to celebrate, as the soon-to-be 26-year-old—whose birthday is October 24—couldn't stop happy-dancing and goofy-grinning all over the southeastern United States over the weekend.

Following a Homecoming performance at Howard University, Drizzy was spotted at Park on Fourteenth in Washington on Friday, while he partied at Atlanta's Compound with the DC native, Wale, and a very generously sized Moet goblet on Saturday. In both locales, he sported ridiculously flashy and amazing ensembles, while dancing around with unapologetic glee. (But where was Rihanna?) We spy velvet, neon colors and more than two chains—based on his home decor and go-to award show looks, what did you expect? One interesting detail from the Atlanta party: his "No New Friends" white tee, which is believed to be the name of a recently recorded track from Drizzy and longtime producer, Noah "40" Shebib. Maybe this is all just a birthday warm up, and the real celebration comes via some new music on Wednesday? We can only hope.

See how birthday's are handled in Drizzy's universe below.

It's good to have pictorial confirmation that Drake's life is exactly like a scene from the "Pop That" video.