Drake's never been one to hold back, revealing his cheesy methods of seduction in interviews, and all but crying about his exes throughout much of Take Care. But throughout the many TMI moments of his career, all we've begged and pleaded for him to do is revisit his Degrassi character Jimmy Brooks. Or at least talk about whether Emma or Manny was the bigger diva on set, and what Gavin "Spinner" Mason smells like. The success of two full-length albums has finally left him comfortable enough to elaborate on his Canadian teen soap years, turning the signature accessory Jimmy Brooks was rarely without during seasons four through eight into a dance move. During a recent stop on his Club Paradise tour in California, Drizzy ended "The Motto" with a few bars of "Wheelchair Jimmy," showing us that his arm muscles owe a lot of their definition to the days spent filming scenes in a wheelchair, rolling around Degrassi Community School. Luckily Ashley wasn't there to rain on his parade—or sabotage his next hit. Watch below.