Though Drake released no new music of his own last year, he still managed to feel over-exposed, due to the long tail of Take Care singles his endless guesting on other people's rap smashes—"Pop That," "No Lie," "Fuckin' Problems," "Amen," etc. It was a good run that kept Drizzy on our minds while letting him take a little of a creative breather, and we don't begrudge him for it. But we can't help miss lead artist Drake, not adapting to anyone's styles but his own, releasing new and interesting and vital and occasionally super-emo jams that become a key part of our life soundtrack the year they're released.

Well, he's coming back soon enough. A week after Beyoncé and her Big New Announcements take center stage at Super Bowl XLVII, Drake will release a new single, reported by Billboard to be titled "Started From the Bottom," (Drake is not scheduled to be performing on music's biggest night, but he is nominated for the three biggest Rap Grammys, Best Song, Best Performance and Best Album.) "We got a new record coming out this year," says YMCMB patriarch Birdman, presumably using the Royal We on Drizzy's behalf. "It's just one of those nights that, after seeing each other together, that’ll be like the highlight of our night, the highlight of our life, the highlight of our year."

Cool. In the meantime, we'll continue to get our methadone-like Drake quasi-fix with these: