We're all ears, Drizzy.

"This" refers to the Canadian rapper with a heart of gold's latest ditty "All Me." The track, which features verses from 2 Chainz and Big Sean and a semi-random but pretty brilliant intro from Aziz Ansari's character "Randy" from Funny People, touches upon your garden variety of Drake themes: starting from the bottom, having a lot of money, and getting to have sex with a lot of people because of said money.

Drake really explores his tenor in the hook of  "All Me" as he sings "Came up, that's all me/Stay true, that's all me/No help, that's all me/All me for real." If you've ever thought that you perhaps had something to do with Drake's success, think again, buddy. Yes, even you, Wayne. Getting to have sex with Miami residents and old babysitters would seem to be Mr. Graham's prize for all this self-motivation.

Top accolades go to Drizzy's guest rappers, particularly Big Sean. Sample line: "My new girl is on Glee and shit/ probably making more money than me and shit," in reference to his budding relationship with Glee's Naya Rivera. He follows this with a quick sample of "99 Problems," lest we erroneously assume that Rivera is a "bitch."