An inspired Drake chose to brave the ice during intermission at the NHL All-Star Game in Ottawa on Sunday as official entertainment for the annual hockey spectacle. Regardless of any threat of injury, it was his duty and an honor to perform for his fellow Canucks. "If you're proud to be Canadian tonight, I want to hear you make some noise one time," he told the crowd. "I grew up on this sport that we are celebrating this evening, and this is one of the greatest honors I've ever received." See, All-Star games mean something to somebody. Drizzy carried his giddy fanboy routine over into his performance of "Headlines," energetically air drumming and jumping around the makeshift stage, as players opted out of locker room necessities for a chance to see him up close. What's cuter: Drake's surprising hockey fan geekdom, or burly men bobbing along to hip-hop? Everybody have their iPhone camera ready? Watch below.