Drake Hotline Bling.  That's the social media frenzy this week.

The 28 year old rapper released his new Hotline Bling video on October 19 and it has set the internet alive with memes, vines and gifs, all mocking his rather 'individual' dance moves.

Adele Punk’d Adele Impersonators By Pretending To Be…Herself!

He moves, grooves, shuffles, shimmys and shakes his stuff in the video and his dancing is literally the only thing people are talking about.

In what could be the masterstroke marketing strategy of all time, the video seems to have been made to be meme'd, vined and tweeted.

Watch This Uptown Funk Dance Mashup And Feel Truly Happy

Fans have done just that and created some hilarious videos embracing the Degrassi alumnus' dancing #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat.

It's mad and corny and should first be embraced in it's full glory below before checking out our favorite satires from around the web—make sure you scroll all the way down as some of the best are at the bottom!

Ellen DeGeneres Dancing To Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ Is Everything


Drake Is In The Mood To Salsa!

A video posted by Jarxiel™ (@jarxiel) on


Remember #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat?


Justin Bieber Posted This One


Drake Is Getting His Reggae On


A video posted by @mon3y411 on

Appropriate For October


Those Of Us Of A Certain Age Will Enjoy This One


Is This Drake Or Carlton?

A video posted by Reedo Brown (@reedobrown) on


Drake Has Clearly Been Practising

Drake Likes The Pokemon


A Pizza Making Drake?


 Drake Likes To Garden When He's Not On The Wii


Pesky Flies!

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