Look, the definitive words on the Juno Awards on this site have already been written, at that link--but nevertheless let them be writ once more:

The Junos, Canada’s music-industry-controlled approximation of the Grammy Awards, have long been something of a joke. Countless trophies have gone to the likes of Nickelback and Bryan Adams (the latter alone owns 20 of them, seven more than the number of Grammys that Michael Jackson ever won).

Because it's the Canadian music industry version of the Grammys, that means the likes of, oh, you know, Adele are relegated to the International Album category with the likes of LMFAO (no, really, LMFAO has a nomination); that, combined with the fact that the awards skew more rock, mean plenty of nominations for rocker-bros Hedley and Down With Webster. You'll recognize some names, though, like the aforementioned Bieber--the talk's been that he comes up short, but think back to last year's headlines, and tally the ratio of musical headlines to Christmas or gossip ones--Drake, Avril Lavigne and deadmau5, as well as alternative acts like Austra(!), Destroyer and Feist. And Arcade Fire, who you might argue could go in either sentence at this point.

Anyway, below's a sample of the categories, along with some pretty-good-to-great tracks you might not have heard from the list; go here for the full lineup.

Juno Fan Choice Award

Arcade Fire

Justin Bieber

Michael Bublé

City and Colour




Avril Lavigne


Ginette Reno

Artist of the Year

Justin Bieber

Michael Bublé


Avril Lavigne


Album of the Year (yes, two Christmas albums):

Justin Bieber, Under the Mistletoe

Michael Bublé, Christmas

Drake, Take Care

Avril Lavigne, Goodbye Lullabye

Nickelback, Here and Now

Jack Richardson Producer of the Year (we're including this for 40, but hey, k.d. lang!)

David Foster ("White Christmas", Michael Bublé)

Brian Howes ("Heaven's Gonna Wait", Hedley and "Trying Not to Love You", Nickelback)

k.d. lang ("I Confess" and "Sugar Buzz", k.d. lang)

Bob Rock ("Only the Lonely", Jann Arden)

Noah "40" Shebib ("Marvin's Room" and "Take Care", Drake)

International Album of the Year (aka "Ah, there's Adele!" and "Loud? Why, that seems so... last year?" and "LMFAO?")

Adele, 21

Coldplay, Mylo Xyloto

Lady Gaga, Born This Way

LMFAO, Sorry for Party Rocking

Rihanna, Loud