Not like we know for sure or anything, but we figure Canadian pop fans right now feel about Drake the same way they feel about their local hockey teams—with four times the passion and intensity as their American counterparts would, because he's just about the only game in town. So it's no surprise to hear the crowd at the Toronto stop of Rihanna's Loud tour go absolutely ballistic when young Aubrey Graham steps on the stage for an unscheduled appearance. Drake runs through a couple of his own hits ("Over," DJ Khaled's "I'm On One") before being joined on-stage by RiRi herself for their chart-topping collaboration "What's My Name?"

Throughout their appearance together, which involves a good deal of flirting and grinding, Drake keeps fanning himself off, as if to say "Damn, this girl is too hot." Does this mean that the old lovebirds are rekindling their one-time romance? Probably not, but it's our right and duty as bloggers to ask leading and sensationalistic rhetorical questions about it just the same.


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