Drake gave an interview with the Jewish Chronicle online, and it's not quite fair to say he put his foot in his mouth. It's far more fair to say he lodged his foot in his mouth, up to the heels, bit down and permanently severed the thing. The interview itself isn't bad, though it doesn't stray far from the "here is a profile, from a non-music publication, of a successful musician, on the generalities of being successful" formula. And there's a chance Drake was misquoted on some of his more questionable comments. Nevertheless, there are now a lot of statements by Drake on public record that perhaps shouldn't be there. Let's break down some of the more regrettable ones.

The "oh, Drake, you shouldn't made that firsties comment" quote:

There were people who incorporated melody before me, but I would deem myself the first person to successfully rap and sing.

The quote earliest in the article and--not coincidentally--the one that started the Internet fuss, from Vulture to ONTD (with a comment thread that's six pages long as of posting) and countless Twitter snarkers. It's easy to see why, because--sorry, Lauryn. Sorry, Kanye. Sorry, everyone else we're not mentioning because that would turn this into a 15 People Who Rapped And Sung Before Drake post. And that's already been done.

The "oh, Drake, you shouldn't have made that humblebrag" quote:

If I wasn't famous I don't think those would be my issues at all. They would be: how am I going to support myself? I wouldn't be able to get any girl that I wanted. I wouldn't be travelling the world and I wouldn't be showered with all this affection.

The word "humblebrag" is now retired. It is useless now, as it's been given an exact one-to-one definition.

The "oh, Drake, you shouldn't made that sad-Drake-meme" quote:

Not to sound depressing or anything, but I don't just tell myself: 'Oh, everything's all good, man'. Life is good. But I'm not naive. Nothing is all good.

This is an entirely reasonable statement. Nothing, in fact, is all good. But, you know, if you're Drake you probably might want to think three times--at least--before continuing any sentence that starts with "Not to sound depressing or anything...." Or if you must, at least try to outdo Keanu and the hot sorrow bath in his despair room. The bar is extremely high here--or, more accurately, extremely low. Either way it's extreme.