Is Drake coming a pop singer?

Last night, the (potentially former) rapper dropped a cut of "Hold On We’re Going Home," bringing the total number of songs we've been privy to from his upcoming third studio album Nothing Was the Same to three. The first, "Started From the Bottom," is a catchy, thumping tale of our hero's journey. "All Me" echoes these sentiments, with a couple delightful verses from 2 Chainz and Big Sean. "Hold On We're Going Home" is essentially, as Idolator puts it, "’80s adult-contempo."

Think "Hate Sleeping Alone" from Drizzy's sophomore album Take Care, but with no rapping and more straight-up cheese. "I got my eyes on you/You're everything that I see/I want your high love and emotion/Endlessly," Drake tenors at the song's opening and throughout. George Michael couldn't have written it better.

We can tolerate moments of Drizzy the Crooning Balladeer over here at Popdust, but after that, we're craving some pallet-cleansing cocky puns.