Ever the coquette, Drake posed this question on his Twitter in the wee hours of the morn:



After Drake's dad released a fake Nothing Was the Same tracklist last month, we were jonesing for the real deal. Behold, all the tracks that will delight your eardrums when the album inevitably leaks drops on September 24th.

"Tuscan Leather"

"Furthest Thing"

"Started From The Bottom"

"Wu-Tang Forever"

"Own It"

"Worst Behavior"

"From Time"

"Hold On, We're Going Home"


"The Language"

"305 To My City' Feat. Detail"

"Too Much"

"Pound Cake' Feat. Jay Z / Paris Morton Music 2"

Deluxe Edition:

"Come Thru"

"All Me"

Naturally, we're pumped for the Jay Z collab, but "Wu-Tang Forever" has our interest piqued on title alone. Can this thing leak drop already?