You know how some sites will go "we at _____ love such-and-such," as if the entire office got together over a bottle of wine to watch and dissect whatever bloggy music video just went up on YouTube? In this case, it's true. Trending now on Twitter right now is the hashtag #DrakeCriesWhen, and it is a gold mine into which somebody's tossed a thousand nuggets and bars of gold. We have genuinely had a full-office discussion about it. No wine, but it's the principle, right?

And now we're going to round up some of the jokes for you. Before you object: No matter what anybody tells you, it is perfectly fine for men to have emotions and to cry. It does not make you less masculine or more feminine, and even if it did, there is nothing wrong with either. But there's a difference between crying and songwriting. Sometimes you, and Drake, should just go to sleep and not start another song.

@xyzlovato #drakecrieswhen Marvin changes the locks.

@BleachBlonde #drakecrieswhen little kittens paw at his face!

@HOTSEXKiLLS #DrakeCriesWhen you put Degrassi & Jimmy in the same sentence.

@DJSupaSam #drakecrieswhen he's the last one in young money to get pick in a hoops pick-up game.

@AGuyWithNoLife #DrakeCriesWhen nicki locks him in the dungeon with the dragons.

@CamBlunt #drakecrieswhen the U.S. doesnt win gold in the olympics mens freestyle ice skating

@i_R_I_P_beats #DrakeCriesWhen Lil Twist calls shotgun first

@Papi_Swag #drakecrieswhen he cant figure out the square root of a number.

@InkMonstarr #drakecrieswhen he has to sing the hooks on birdman's songs.