Drake recently purchased a new home in the Hidden Hills of Los Angeles, at the affordable price of $7.7 million. According to MTV, Drizzy is making the jump from his hometown of Toronto to L.A. full-time, a city he believes will become the centerpiece for his upcoming third album.

At 7,500-square feet, Drake's new, unhumble abode boasts seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, which leaves more than enough room for his Young Money counterparts to have one of their epic slumber parties. A 24-seat movie theater and rec room assure us that there will be no shortage of activities on the docket should Lil Wayne or Justin Bieber come over to hangout, but we're most interested in the home accessories we expect Drizzy will use to entertain the ladies.

A sprawling library gives Aubrey every opportunity to expand his vocabulary, or opine on the merits of Melville during a first date, while a well-stocked wine cellar ensures that there are plenty of opportunities for second and third drunken heartbreak anthems to make the cut of his next release. Just imagine how many glasses of white wine are contained within!

A new mailing address means he'll be leaving the famous passageway of sexytimes, but he's upgrading—in a major way—by gaining the Drakest of Drake accessories: a grotto. Pool parties for everyone!

Even Hugh Hefner has to respect Drizzy's newfound real estate game. Just say the word and we'll be over with a plant to help decorate.