Drake's "Nothing Was the Same" Reviewed: "The Language"

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"I just want some head in a comfortable bed, it could all be so simple." Aside from providing yet another one of Nothing Was the Same's Wu-Tang references, the line echoes one of the primary dichotomies of Drake's music--his conflict between being the nice guy from Toronto who just wants to find something real with the right girl, and the unapologetic prowler and strip-club enthusiast that just need to know what that pussy like. Most of NWTS finds Drake closer to the former pole, but he's not above taking a track out to simplify things a little, to shout out a girl who "just want to smoke and fuck" over a hot, bass-heavy beat that could very well be playing during LeBron James' next championship celebration in Miami.

"The Language" might not as rich as some of Drake's more emo tracks, but it's necessary to keep the balance for Drake, who would surely become overbearing if all he ever sang about was Facebook stalking girls from high school. Plus, it's fun to hear Drake engage his more caddish self every once in a while--he does sleazy a lot better than he does angry anyway.