GQ just interviewed Drake for their April issue, but a more accurate description of what they did was took inventory of everything one could find both in Drake's abode and between the pages of a Harlequin book. A pool with waterfalls, which is actually referred to as a "blue lagoon." Lion statues. Naked lady statues. (In the pool.) An outdoor fireplace. Pillow-strewn couches. Sixteen Candles, for some reason.

Oh, right, there's also an interview with Drake where he talks about his rise to fame and how it's affected his social life and all that in-depth stuff that if you're a fan you probably want to read. But the real point of this piece is so you can know this about Drake. In all probability, this will be the best thing you read about Drake today:

We wander into the house, a woody manor. Drake enters some numbers into a keypad on a bookshelf and—presto!— it swings open into his massive, paisley-swathed sleeping chamber, complete with a California king bed, for which he must purchase custom sheets.

When I ask about the strange square above the bed, he grabs a remote, and a projection system emerges from the ceiling. Neato, I say.

"Would I have you already?" he asks. "Are you sleeping with me?"

(Go look at the link if you think this is fake or fanfic or something. It's real. It's almost too real to be true.)