Drake's "Take Care" Reviewed: "Doing It Wrong"

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Track 12: "Doing It Wrong"

Sounds Like: Drake's misplaced audition tape for a Toronto R&B group, mixed with outtakes from Songs In The Key Of Life.

Pros: In the mind of the subject, this quiet break-up song presents Drake as the bad guy who doesn't think he's being the bad guy simply because he's being upfront about things, namely that "something's been missing" from the once healthy relationship. It's also further evidence that Take Care is arguably more of a R&B album as Drake sings his way through two tiny verses, spending more time hovering over the chorus' relentless instructions to "cry if you want to," and actually not sounding terrible. The slowed down tempo gets help from Stevie Wonder's harmonica and Drizzy's lingering "no no nos," which help to reinforce that this is really hard on him, too, even if some ladies will never be in agreement.

Cons: That's Stevie Wonder on the harmonica outro. Yes, Stevie Wonder. Why are we crying?

Emo Alert! "We live in a generation of not being in love and not being together."

Drake Hashtag: Sex guilt, Live fast, die young, Hoes in different area codes

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