Track 15: Look What You've Done

Sounds Like: The sentiment behind Kanye West's "Hey Mama," dedicated to more than one powerful female role model in Drizzy's life, spoken matter-of-factly over a faint piano.

Pros: It's an incredibly revealing look at the people who helped make Drake the man he is, including references to how his initial communication with Lil Wayne and departure from the world of acting led him to where he is now. Drake has never been this candid about his family before, as he dedicates verses to the inspiring women in his life while recounting his mother's health struggles and the at times strained relationship he's had with his father, without seek pity or sympathy from his listener. In fact, though he takes a guilt-free approach to being emotional, he infers that personal obstacles don't warrant listener coddling, following one revealing line with his own sarcastic, self-mocking aside ("Boo-hoo, sad story. Black American dad story"). While his mother and aunt get the biggest accolades and direct references, there's an all too cute voicemail from his grandmother tacked on at the end, lest you ever forget his full name.

Cons: As personal as his lyrics are, there's a slight disconnect between his flat, straightforward delivery and what we expect the words to convey. While we appreciate his dodging of the schmaltz, it's hard to understand if we should sing or rap along, or simply appreciate the insight it provides.

Emo Alert! "Boo-hoo. Sad story."

Drake Hashtags: Pianos, Toronto, Feminine Side

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