Track 8: "We'll Be Fine" Feat. Birdman

Sounds Like: The cocky, self-assured anthem Drake so rarely is willing to go in on by himself.

Pros: Trying out different styles of delivery, Drake moves through the first verse with both staccato-like chanting ("Do you like your new room?") before letting stray declarations of wonderment ("lord") hang on the ends of certain lines as he lends his appreciation to both the late Aaliyah and fellow Young Money member Nicki Minaj. When addressing anonymous females he's acquired a new brash swagger—without much help from his peers—that sheds much of his past hesitation and long-winded explanations as to why it might be nice if a respectable young woman should ever decide to leave with him, and just cuts to the chase: "Let's be real about this shit, can I take you home?"

Cons: The use of drinking metaphors and very repetitive chorus ("Are you down, are you down? Yeah I'm all the way down") similarly heard on "Headlines" and "Make Me Proud" reappear here, if only to help Velcro this newfound regret-free Drizzy to your memory bank. Despite Drake actually showing some range in terms of his flow, the addition of Birdman falls flat, failing to utilize him as anything other than a reminder that although Drake spends a lot of time reminding us of OVOXO, he's part of a larger family.

Emo Alert! "Even though dying isn't in the plans, but neither was making it and here I am."

Drake Hashtag: Drinking too much, Haters, Toronto, Live fast, die young

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