Note to aspiring hip-hop journalists—if you want to keep DMX focused on a specific topic, it's probably best not to mention Drake in passing. (You should maybe think twice about feeding him a bottle of Hennessy either.) During an interview about his top five rappers of all-time, X was recently asked his feelings about Drizzy's work on the posthumous Aaliyah album, sending him into a minutes-long rant about his most-hated contemporary rapper.

"Piece of shit…you didn't even know this woman," DMX stated of Drake. "What the fuck gives you the fucking right?" The Ruff Ryder was also asked his take on Drizzy excluding Timbaland and Missy from the process, which especially irritated him. "Not include the people that she always worked with?" X exclaimed incredulously. "That's like saying I'm gonna make KFC, but I ain't using the Coronel's recipe. That ain't KFC! That's YOUR FC! It ain't the same shit." Dark Man finished his rant with the most dismissive conclusion possible: "I ain't met one gangster from Toronto."

DMX, an on-screen and on-record collaborator of Aaliyah's, certainly is in a rare position to talk on this matter. Still, we can't help but feeling that his prior distaste for Drake's product—not to mention the liquid courage swigged from throughout the interview—may have prejudiced him slightly in the matter. Regardless, there's nothing quite like a good DMX rant, is there?