It was around this time last year that Walk Off the Earth started making waves with their Five Musicians, One Guitar cover of Gotye and Kimbra's soon-to-supernova hit "Somebody That I Used to Know." They may be headed for similar viral success this year with their rendition of another peaking pop smash, Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble."

Since the song is Taylor's most electronic to date, of course Walk Off the Earth decide to do the song a capella. To help out with the wub-wubbing, the group invites along the impressive beatboxer/human robot KRNFX (2x Korean and Canadian Beatbox Champ, according to his Twitter), but the entire group is dropping in one form or another by the time the song gets to its notorious dubstep chorus. (They get so into it that the room appears to be shaking at a couple points in the video, which is incredibly appropriate.)

The one complaint about the video? Singer Sarah Blackwood seems not nearly as invested in the performance as the rest of the group. C'mon, fake Taylor—the real Taylor manages to bring it every night, you can't get up a little fury for virality's sake? Not even a single headbang? Weeeeeaaaak.