Pop fans between the ages of 15 and 25, prepare to relieve a crucial part of your musical youth—"The TRL Decade," VH1's RockDoc look at one of the most pivotal TV programs from the last 20 years of popular music, is airing over the weekend. The doc looks at the ten-year run of MTV's video request countdown Total Request Live, which became familiarly and then officially known as TRL. Within months of its 1998 debut, the show became a must-watch among teenagers, made a star out of host Carson Daly and helped make the teen-pop boom of the turn of the century—Backstreet Boys, NSync, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and so on—the center of the Top 40 universe.

"The TRL Decade" will feature interviews with such key players as Daly, NSync's Lance Bass, Kid Rock and KoRn—don't forget the bands of nu metal and the rap/rock revolution were nearly as indebted to TRL for their fantastic success as any of Max Martin's acolytes—and will look back on the show's enduring influence, as well as some of the more surreal moments from its decade-long run. (We only hope Mariah Carey and ice cream will be involved somewhere.) You can even watch some preview clips of interviews with some of the show's subjects—including Daly recounting how he snubbed Lady Gaga back in the day ("How was I to know that you were gonna be in an egg later in life?") and Kid Rock sharing the code he had with the Beastie Boys for some of the cooler BSB and NSync members ("GGBB—Good guys, bad band")

Watch 'em below, set your DV-Rs for VH1 on 9:30 this Sunday, and feel impossibly nostalgic for a time when Carson Daly was considered cool enough to date both Jennifer Love Hewitt and Tara Reid.



The Buffalo News (Buffalo, NY) October 13, 2009 Tops 5K walk/run raises $31,800 for Roswell Park A total of $31,800 was raised in Tops Markets' second annual 5- kilometer walk/run to benefit Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Nearly 500 people took part in the Aug. 29 event at the National Fuel corporate office building at 6363 Main St., Amherst. this web site swim caps

*** Girls swim teams raising money to fight breast cancer LOCKPORT -- The girls swim teams from Lockport and Starpoint high schools are raising money for the fight against breast cancer.

T-shirts and remembrance swim caps will be on sale at a meet at 5 p.m. Wednesday in Lockport High School. Proceeds from concessions and a 50/50 raffle also will be included in a donation to be made to Roswell Park Cancer Institute. web site swim caps

The teams have already been selling the T-shirts and caps, and have been collecting donations from businesses. The swim caps will be displayed on a wall in the pool area in the shape of a ribbon.

For more information or to donate, contact Lockport head coach Kristen Allen at 417-6384 or kallen@lockport.wnyric.org.