Earth To Jenny McCarthy—Bullying Is Not Okay.

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On The View Monday morning, Jenny McCarthy revealed that her son Evan is bullied at his summer camp for being autistic, but doesn't realize it.

My son's main goal is to make as many friends as possible. They're laughing at him but he laughs too.

Oh dear. She goes on,

I said, ' You have to find the kids that like you and are nice to you. Who do you sit next to in the cafeteria?' And he said 'No one. I ask, and they say no.'

Jenny, wtf?!?

Bullying is never okay. Never. There are summer camps specifically for children on the autistic spectrum, where social skills are part of the curriculum. Ms. McCarthy goes on to remark that the kids tell Evan to put bugs down his pants, and he does it to make the kids laugh. She wonders how long to let this situation go on.

How about stopping it NOW? What the hell is wrong with you, Jenny? You have spoken about your own experience of being bullied in school. Children as young as twelve have taken their own lives to escape from relentless teasing at school.

If your child is being bullied, please click here, here, and here. Insist on zero tolerance for bullying.

Meanwhile, I would like Ms. McCarthy to put bugs down her pants.  At least until she learns to use her influence for social welfare, instead of playing (or being) dumb.

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