When it comes to music videos, Rihanna and go-to director Anthony Mandler definitely opt for the kitchen-sink approach. There's no real coherent theme to the music video for Rihanna's latest single "Diamonds," but what thereis is, well...just about everything. There's Rihanna nude-ish in black-and-white, Rihanna running down the street in the dark, Rihanna bathed in water, Rihanna in a windy desert, Rihanna rolling diamond joints (of course), Rihanna looking pensive in an empty room...and horses. And riot footage. Basically, all this stuff:

Nothing terribly shocking to be seen there—though this being Rihanna in full-on Unapologetic mode, she also has to include some stuff that might involve You Know Who:

Breezy's tatted arm? Breezy on fire? Even if they aren't, they probably are. Hey, it had been like 13 and a half hours since we had written an article about the two of them.