Check Out Echo Black's Striking New Video for "Chemicals"

In an age of politically-charged music, listeners demand more from their artists. Echo Black frontman Danny Blu insists they're up for the challenge.

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Echo Black's "Chemicals" is a new take on an old classic--love and incomprehensible loss.

Echo Black, formed just last year, is a pop/rock/industrial foursome based out of NYC. The group aims to provide more than just the alt-rock experience by infusing the electric political climate of the time into their already emotionally charged music.

The song itself features an alt-rock riff reminiscent of Rise Against's early aughts hit "Prayer of the Refugee." The vocals draw on the more modern pop trope of a pause before the chorus hits, like Maroon 5's "She Will Be Loved." Echo Black adds Lady Gaga's intense style of clothing and make-up to finalize this pop concoction.

In reference to their peculiar style, frontman Danny Blu explained to that it's just another tool in the toolbox for the modern artist:

"We are all influenced by bands and artists who use fashion as another forum of expression. In many instances, it is a vehicle to convey tone, mood and intensity. Formal or lax. Theatrical or off the cuff. Polished or rough."

In their newest video, for the song "Chemicals", the band toys with the customary love song dynamic at every turn. The band is clad in striking make-up and clothing that combines elements of the traditional masculine and feminine styles that have long dominated rock culture.

In addition to the band's avant-garde appearance, the music video tells the story of love and loss with two women instead of featuring a heterosexual couple, putting them in stark contrast to most of their competitors. While the band does not take a particular stance on any issues, it is clear that they are taking a stand for equal representation in general.

"In the age of artists like Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Die Antwoord, and FKA Twigs, it's clear that fans expect more than just good songs," says Blu, "and we're up for the challenge."

Check out the video for "Chemicals" below: