Since the internet loves cats, it's no wonder Ed Sheeran's most revealing conversation yet comes at the hand of a pussy named Monty. In an new video interview for New Zealand's Coup de Main magazine, Sheeran sits down opposite a surprisingly verbal (and demanding) house pet to answer important queries like whether or not he listens to more Cat Power or Cat Stevens. (Stevens, but Ed isn't so sure Yusuf Islam is considered part of the feline family these days.) Lovers of English gingers both nude and clothed will have a difficult time deciding whether or not Ed or Rupert Grint was the more adorable child; Ed's much too modest to admit that his coke bottle glasses definitely help him to take the prize ("I reckon Grint was probably cuter when he was a kid"). Along tipping his hat the Harry Potter star, he applauds One Direction's Liam Payne for his level of commitment in romantic relationships. Between this and Jay from the Wanted's revelation that he'd go on a date with Zayn, 1D must feel pretty good about themselves these days.

For this, and a look at Ed's 16-year-old Hobbit-themed party attire, watch below.