Which Cooling Mattress Topper Is The Best?

I tested the BedJet 3 Climate Comfort System, OOLER Sleep System with Chili Cool Mesh and the Pod Thermo Cover by Eight Sleep

I've always had issues getting the perfect night's sleep and tried just about every trick in the book to try and get my 8 hours.

The problem is, I'm a hot sleeper, even with the AC blaring. I love the mattress I just got and I paid a lot of money for it, so I looked into a mattress topper that would help me regulate the temperature without sacrificing the comfort.

As I said, I take my sleep very seriously, and the lack of quality sleep has been really impacting my life, I decided to test drive 3 of the best cooling mattress toppers for 2 weeks to find the perfect fit- BedJet 3 Climate Comfort System, OOLER Sleep System with Chili Cool Mesh and the Pod Thermo Cover by Eight Sleep. Cool technology and sleep tracking abilities are definitely important to me, but when testing all three, first and foremost I'm, looking for a solution to help me stay cool during the night.

Now all that was left to do was get testing! Here's how they rank.


All three of these mattress toppers give you the ability to control the temperature and can cool and heat between a certain range. After trying all three, I found that the Pod Thermo Cover gets cooler way faster than the others.

Firstly, BedJet 3 uses air technology, which has inferior cooling performance because water has better thermal transfer properties than air. It only lets you select a temperature range between 66F and 104F- 66 just isn't cold enough for me. It also took quite a while to get down to that temperature, and I woke up a few times during the night feeling a little hot, meaning it seems to have some issues staying at your desired temperature. It also requires you to control the temperature with a remote control that is super dated and is honestly a nightmare to use. Plus, I kept losing it!

Both the OOLER and Pod Thermo Cover get down to 55F, but the Pod Thermo Cover gets cold in record time and actually stays cool all night. On top of that, the Pod Thermo Cover is the only one of the three that allows you to set different temperatures on either side all in one product. The Pod Thermo Cover uses warm or cool water that flows through its proprietary active grid and retains your ideal temperature all night.

This is perfect because my partner sometimes gets cold in the middle of the night, so it was great being able to set my own temperature on my side without disturbing her. Plus, you only need to refill the water every 2 months, so it's super low maintenance. The OOLER also uses water cooling technologies, but it only covers one half of the bed, so you would need two products if you want to ensure your partner also has a decent night's rest.

If you want all of these capabilities, you have to buy two BedJets and an additional Dual Zone Cloud Sheet- that's three products. That would result in a lot of noise, multiple power units needed, and a lot of money spent. The Pod Thermo Cover does all of this with just one product.

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My main focus is of course the cooling aspect, but I still need my mattress to be comfortable. The Pod Thermo Cover is the most advanced and only temperature control mattress cover that integrates 1-inch of foam, making my sleep seamlessly comfortable with no disruptions. It felt just like the mattress itself, but with the addition of dual temperature control. The cover zips easily on and stays put all night.

The BedJet moved around a lot and bunched up in places, which not only messed with the comfort but also its cooling abilities. The air wasn't able to flow properly and it had to be constantly adjusted. It also has pretty stiff tubing that I could feel under it. I gave it the full 2 week trial like the others to be fair, but it really impacted the comfort of my mattress, and ultimately, my sleep.

The OOLER stayed put, but you can feel the tubes running through the pad which ended up irritating my sleep. I woke up feeling during the middle of the night which is not ideal by any means.


Only the OOLER and the Pod Thermo Cover have apps that allow you to control the temperature, but the Pods app, Eight Sleep is way more advanced and innovative. Even before downloading the Eight Sleep app, I knew it would be good by the sheer volume of glowing reviews. They have 600+ reviews on iOS alone vs less than 100 for the others. I know I have to truly love something to leave a good review, so this comforted me.

The Pod Thermo Cover's app feels like part of the experience of the product, whereas the Chill app feels more like an afterthought. It's almost like they're trying to jump on the tech wagon.

Eight Sleep is constantly making updates to their app, it feels like the "Tesla of beds". The constant innovation makes your sleep experience consistently better. Unlike the Chill and BedJet apps, the Eight Sleep app goes above and beyond and tracks your nightly sleep performance by giving you a Sleep Fitness Score. It evaluates things like time slept, HRV, and sleep consistently to help you monitor your sleep and its impact on your overall health and wellness.

Set-Up & Aesthetic

Setting up all three products was relatively straightforward, but the Pod Thermo Cover was by far the most streamlined, thanks to the simple visual and text instructions available on their app. The Pod Thermo Cover is also super sleek- the water hub doesn't take up a lot of room and fit snuggle between my bed and bedside locker. It has an Apple vibe to it, so I really don't mind having it on display!

The OOLER also has a smaller reservoir so it needs to be refilled more frequently, and even though it's smaller, it somehow looks clunkier? There's just nothing sophisticated about it. The BedJet is by far the least premium looking of the 3- it looks and feels outdated- especially that remote control.

Final Note

If you love your mattress but are looking for dual temperature control- the Pod Thermo Cover wins on this and so much more. It allows you to have different temperatures on both sides, without having to sacrifice comfort. It's easy to set up, the sheer amount of features on the app takes it to a whole new level, and it just looks downright sleek and modern.

Neither the BedJet nor the OOLER could compare to the Pod Thermo Cover's innovative technology- it gets cold fast and stays that way. The Pod Thermo Cover also allows you to adjust the temperature up to 110F, which was music to my partner's ears!

Their sleep tracking capabilities are also unmatched. The Eight Sleep app provides so much useful data and insights into your sleepings patterns but does so in a way that's easy to digest.

The OOLER raves about its "innovative" cool mesh top fabric, but in reality, this is a dated idea. It dampens the cooling effect since it introduces an air gap between you and the water mat, resulting in a less efficient thermal transfer.

Both the OOLER and BedJet require you to purchase two of them (one for each side of the bed) to do what the Pod Thermo Cover does in one. This also means you have to maintain two products as opposed to one. And even if you bought all of those products, the results just don't compare. After two weeks using the Pod Thermo Cover, I woke up feeling refreshed and well-rested. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out for yourself. But trust me, you won't need the 30 days to feel the effects. Don't waste your time with any other sleep cooling solution.

The Pod Thermo Cover turned my bed into a modern cooling mattress. It's helped me banish the night sweats and finally get the sleep I need to be at my best.

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