The National Post, a newspaper in Canada, has done what the world's intrepid reporters and viral-video assemblers have failed to: gotten the real scoop on what eight-year-olds REALLY think about Justin Bieber's Believe. Given that a substantial portion of Justin Bieber's fans are eight-year-olds, this is truly a necessary service for the world.

It's also kids being precocious, which is always good fo Go to the Post's site to read the whole thing--it's quick--but some highlights are below.


ON "BOYFRIEND"'S AGE-APPROPRIATENESS, AND ALSO ON POP FASHIONS: "'I don’t want a boyfriend, I’m only eight! This sort of sounds like it’s in the world of Lady Gaga. She’s mostly naked, though." (Side note: When I was in elementary school, one of my teachers would constantly remind the class: "There are no boyfriends and girlfriends in second grade!" Thanks to Bieber's hit, a lot more teachers probably have to say this now.)

ON POTENTIAL BELIEVE SLOGANS: "I like him better than ice cream, because he can last forever."

ON THE MOTIVATION AT THE CORE OF BIEBER'S ENTIRE CAREER/LIFE: "I think he wants someone to love him, I guess?"

ON PHYSICAL FITNESS FOR MUSICIANS: "I bet he’s a good cross-country runner because he always has to run away from his fans.