Ouch, dude. Why the chin? The internet is exploding, as it only does when one pop star assaults another (possibly over a third) in an oblique sort of attack. New York radio personality DJ Whoo Kid told UK DJ Tim Westwood that Chris Brown and Drake came to blows—or, more specifically, to 'bows—over Drizzy's relationship with Breezy's old flame Rihanna. "[Drake] and Rihanna are supposedly fooling around. I think he got elbowed too by Chris Brown, but that never came out," said Whoo. "In the chin, like the corner left part...Man down, simple as that!" (Damn, the left corner of the chin? Is there a more vulnerable spot on the body than that?)

Aside from furthering Chris Brown's rep as a dangerously volatile and easily provoked young hot-head, this incident also reinforces the notion that Drake has somehow become one of the most popular and (to an extent anyway) respected rappers in the world, despite being in no way perceivable as even the slightest bit tough. This would not have been possible five to ten years ago, we feel, and probably marks some sort of sociological progress for the genre. Go wimps!