Music You Need To Heal. Right Now

Send Us an Ultralight Beam...Please?

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With the free world descending into madness , we'll probably be turning to our pop stars to protect us from the menace of the middle of American and the hell they have wrought on us/the world. The Reagan-era, after all, gave us the hardcore underground movement among other acts of rebellion

Mariah Carey: I Don't Wanna Cry

Put it on blast, unironically. Baby look what we've become. I mean, don't look at Pennsylvania.

Kanye: Ultralight Beam

Kanye's ode to keeping the faith has just become timely as all hell. Come together, it's god dream. Etc. 2016 may be total shit, but the rap has been choice.

Beyoncé: Heaven

Songs about loss, right? Beyonce, back in '13, weaved a masterpiece of expressing the suddenness that loss takes. We all were expecting different things tonight. "I fought for you/the hardest," and all that. #StillWithHer

Gang of Four: Guns Before Butter

Good old protest punk, from one of the best blistering pieces of cultural crit as rock-ever. "All this talk of blood and iron/
It's the 'cause of all my shaking"

David Bowie: Five Years

A dark piano/glam ballad about an apocalyptic earth that'll be wasted within five years time. Here's hoping we can make it this long, eh?

Woody Guthirie: Old Man Trump

This somewhat forgotten classic got some mileage this election season for way obvious reasons. It's about Trump's dad actually, whose dirty deeds as a landlord were passed on to the son, easy.

The Clash: I'm So Bored With the USA/(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais

Getting ready to GTFO of here? Great pieces of melodic political protest, aimed at a resurgent and xenophobic right-wing. "If Adolf Hitler flew in today/they'd send a limousine anyway." Familiar, huh?

Madonna: The Power of Good-Bye

Madonna dropped by Washington Square Park for an impromptu and free concert to celebrate the coming of the first female president, the shattering of the glass ceiling and...yeah.


Yeah, fuck Donald Trump

Check it out on Spotify. Don't Cry.