Elle King Considering Making a Country Album

The pop goes country plot thickens…

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Elle King's first album was a strong showing of feisty alt-rock, but the success of her country music dabblings has her rethinking the direction of her second album. King is nominated this year for her first ever Country Music Award for her duet with country-singer Dierks Bentley's "Different for Girls". In a new interview, she spoke to Rolling Stone about moving on to a new sound.

"I write a lot of country songs," King told Rolling Stone. "And I enjoy writing country music, because it brings out a different type of voice for me. I write a lot of heartbreak songs … I like to sing about getting drunk and getting my heart broken."

Elle King first enjoyed success with her pop-meets-bluegrass track "Ex's and Oh's and "America's Sweetheart". King's next album will be the follow up to her 2015 debut album Love Stuff.

"I put out a pop-rock album – I did that," King went on to say. "This record cycle is coming to a close and I'm about to make Album 2. It'll be interesting to see how this change affects me. Because everything affects you as a musician."

King's country ponderings even further strengthen our pop is going country theory. King's words come just after the leak of Gaga's new album, Joanne -- our prior fears turning out to be true and the album is filled with Americana banjo-heavy song after Americana banjo-heavy song. There' also Justin Timberlake mentioning his Memphis roots when discussing his new album and recently working with country group Little Big Town.

This shift towards country make sense for Elle King, whose raspy, soulful voice sounds at home over banjos and thunderously tapping cowboy boots. The move for the other pop stars we mentioned, well, um….

Anyway, we digress! You can check out Elle King on the CMA awards on November 2. Who knows, maybe Gaga or Timberlake will make a surprise appearance!

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