What is it that makes the Brits do EDM better than us Yankees? Is it their proximity to Ibiza? Their decade-long head start? Something in the tea?

Whatever the cause, English lass Ellie Goulding and Scottish bloke Calvin Harris have teamed up to show off their homeland's dextrous ability to manipulate bleeps and bloops on "Need Your Love," a new track from Harris' upcoming album 18 Months that was so good they also stuck on Goulding's forthcoming Halycon as a bonus.

Goulding's available Halcyon output so far—"Hanging On" and a minute and a half of "Explosions"—has tended towards the dreamy and ethereal, but "Need Your Love" finds her firmly back in "Lights" territory, with her insistent vocals backing up Harris' muscular synths. As on "We Found Love," Harris' production overshadows his female singer's voice at times, but hey, it's a collaboration: Dude's face isn't on the album, so he's got to make himself stand out somehow.

Halcyon drops on October 8 (next Tuesday!) but we'll have to wait until the 29th for 18 Months.

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