We all have an email doppelgänger out across the depths of the Internet. And while this usually results in the occasional "Hope Aunt Linda is feeling better after her hip surgery!" or "Thank you for considering me for the position" emails, for some if that doppelgänger just so happens to be a pop superstar, it becomes much more challenging to ignore, as the self-esteem and blind faith of America's youth are at stake with every misdirected message. Apparently the man with a remarkably close email address to Taylor Swift finally got tired of getting over five emails a day from enthusiastic preteens declaring their love for the 21-year-old star. The Tumblr OMG IS THIS TAYLOR SWIFT? chronicles the various messages a male Taylor, who has had his address since 2006, receives on the daily. (With great power comes great responsibility.) While it's mostly younger fans who just can't believe that they're actually connecting with the superstar over the World Wide Web, there are also some creepy messages, proving the Internet is still a fucked up place after all:

To avoid all these messages cluttering his account, the dude could just change his own email address, but we understand him refusing to do so on principle. (Digital hoarders unite!) Obviously the mature response is to expose the hopes and dreams of little kids, to the amusement of a bunch of Internet strangers. (Not that we're complaining—we happen to be those Internet strangers.) But what if this is all one big prank by Taylor Swift herself, seeking inspiration for her next album? Could the real Taylor be so cruel? Never meet or speak to your idols, kids.


NEA Encourages Organizations to 'Build a Nation of Readers'.

Entertainment Close-up March 1, 2010 Through its annual Read Across America celebration on March 2nd, the National Education Association (NEA) is encouraging organizations to "build a nation of readers" by bringing children, teenagers and books together.

Huntington Learning Center said it is joining the bandwagon by encouraging reading, while also offering tips on how to make reading fun.

"Read Across America Day, celebrated on Dr. Seuss's birthday, gives education professionals like us another reason to show children and teenagers how important and exciting reading can be for them," said Eileen Huntington, co-founder of Huntington Learning Centers. "Reading is such an integral part of growing. And, with the continued popularity around technology advances in social media, cell phones and video games, we want to bring back the 'fun' in fundamental reading." In a release the company noted that Huntington recommends the following examples that can help parents encourage their children to read: see here huntington learning center

-Mark your calendar for reading time. Designate a day and time where each family member in your household comes together for at least 30 minutes to take turns in reading something aloud. this web site huntington learning center

-Bring reading into the kitchen. Find a recipe for your next family dinner and ask your child or teenager to help you read the recipe and prepare the meal. Children and young adults always love to help out in the kitchen and when it comes time to eat, he or she will be proud to say that he or she helped out!

-Take a library field trip. Not only do libraries offer a ton of books for you and your children to choose from, they have a myriad of activities for children and teenagers that promote reading. Check out your local library's monthly calendar of events, and also make regular trips there with them to choose weekly or monthly reading materials.

-Ask for help. If you need assistance with encouraging your children to read, ask the librarian, your child's teachers, or other education professionals for help. Tutoring centers like the Huntington Learning Center can help your child improve their reading skills.

For more information, visit www.huntingtonlearning.com.

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