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Broken? Heartbroken? Get "On Your Own" with Emalia

Premiere: Rising star brings us R&B banger, with touches of Beyoncé, of course

2016 wasn't all bad. There was Lemonade, after all. And for anyone in the mood for another powerful heartbreak torch song about infidelity, we're proud to be bringing a fine Australian import that goes by another mononymous name: Emalia. And because we like to bring you on the freshest of sounds here at Popdust, Emalia's pretty brand new on this hemisphere, with only one single to her name, a sunny piece called "Do Your Own Thing" that will brighten up any morning you wake up to the wind rattling on all the windowpanes in your house. The music video is a solid piece or work too: I need a pair of those John Lennon shades, stat.

The single we're premiering, however, is little more for listening to while you have that fire of rage burning inside of you. Its less "Single Ladies" than "Ring the Alarm," my all-time favorite angry-Bey song. It has a kind of energy that rolls right off the tongue, summoning intense feeling without having to name it. Behind the boards is Adam Reily, an Australian hitmaker who was behind down under smashes like Guy Sebastian's "Art of Love" and much of Jessica Mauboy's third record. They partnered after a chance encounter at the ARIA Awards (sort of an Australian version of the Grammys) and his beat in "On Your Own" feels emotionally dark: drum pads beat like grimly head maracas and Emalia's voice tenderly echoes throughout the production.

Fittingly, it is Emalia's voice that is front and center on "On Your Own": she holds onto each world brittlely before they dissolve. Elements of the song, reminded me of times of the kinds of songs that Lady Gaga writes now combined with the kind of production she now enchews. "We started building the beat and from there the lyrics and melody just flowed out of me," Emalia told me about the song, "[It] was probably one of the fastest songs I have ever written." It is written in sketches: first, Emalia demands to know how the act of betrayal felt and then proceeds to takes him down in classic 90s R&B fashion: "So run to your princess, cause you've lost your queen."

But (thankfully) Emalia isn't a queen that we're going to be losing anytime soon, take a roaring listen: