Eminem's "Berzerk" arrived on the scene two weeks ago loudly proclaiming its intentions—"I'm baaaaaaaaack!"—and the hype paid off: Popdust readers overwhelmingly voted it the Best Song of August. Now Em's unveiled the video for the song, and it's as aggressively silly a statement as the track itself. Eminem's brought the blonde dye back, and he's got Rick Rubin playing his sidekick. Kendrick Lamar and Kid Rock show up, just for the hell of it. The whole thing looks like it was shot in 1989. It's all a ridiculous mess that we can't help but enjoy. Just like "Berzerk"!

But there's one other thing we need to discuss, a topic no other sites will be dare bring up. It gives us no pleasure, but we need to talk about Eminem's eyes.

Eminem, by most standards, has aged really well. With the platinum-blonde hair, he looks almost identical to the Slim Shady of decades past. But there's something different about and around his eyes that produces a strange Uncanny Valley phenomenon.


From far away, things look pretty normal:

But when Em gets into the middle-distance, an oddness becomes apparent:

It's particularly weird when he's looking right at us:

Close-ups provide an opportunity for further investigation:

Let's get even closer. On the right, the normal eyes of a man who has passed his 40th birthday. On the left, something else entirely:

There's something happening here, but we can't exactly put our fingers on it. Is anyone else seeing this? If so, can you confirm that we are right to be concerned, or at the very least, curious?

Anyway, here's the video so you can investigate yourself.