Quick: name all of Beyonce's singles from 4, in chronological order. You probably got "Run the World (Girls)," and it's plausible that maybe you didn't try to block "Best Thing I Never Had" from memory. But after that? Well, there's this amorphous cluster containing some or all of "Party," "Countdown," "1+1" and "Love on Top" in some order, and you can't go by videos because she shot about a hundred.

While you go ponder that, we'll go report this: "End of Time," which seemed to have gotten the shaft despite being one of 4's more uptempo tracks and earliest cuts, is going to be her next single and, if you're keeping track, her first A.B.I.C. (You shouldn't need to ask what that means.) It got some minor chart blips near 4's debut, so the choice shouldn't be all that surprising. The only other options would be to go with a ballad--"I Care" wouldn't be bad at all--or to dip into the bonus tracks, which would mean more play for "Dance For You" or "Schoolin' Life" but is a bit out of left field. Really, we have no complaints about this.

Oh, and if you're reading this, are at least 18 and aren't averse to sweepstakes, there's a remix contest starting today and ending March 8 for a $4,000 prize and possible inclusion on forthcoming Beyonce releases. Some folks have already started, so best get to it.