Enrique Iglesias' appearance on Today nearly turned into a first date with host Savannah Guthrie on Friday, as the two fumbled and flirted their way through a quick pre-show interview. Iglesias was there to promote his upcoming tour with Pitbull and Prince Royce (which he believes will be the "funnest" of his career), employing diplomatic strategies to describe his favorite fans and locales across the globe. "I love Mexico, I love Argentina, I love playing the U.S., I love the U.K., I love Ireland, I like Australia..." he explained. Aw, Enrique. We bet you say that to all the first world countries. Guthrie flirtatiously teased him for not scheduling a stop in New York, which Iglesias chalked up to the ongoing renovations at Madison Square Garden, lest he perform anywhere smaller. The serious journalist was all but ready to offer him a spot at Chez Guthrie, hinting that Iglesias' racy tracks are just the kind of thing she listens to late at night. TMI aside, this awkwardness finally gave way to an Iglesias performance, where he treated the early risers to Euphoria tracks "I Like It" and "Tonight I'm Loving You," as well as the Birthmark Enrique classic "Be With You," which, is and always will be a daymaker at Popdust. Plus, he randomly climbed a nearby crane—like the morning show king that he truly is—to survey his manor on scenic 48th Street. Even from 20 feet below, fans continued to squeal at a volume much too loud for 8 a.m., hoping to be the lucky recipient of one of his infamous stage kisses. Line starts behind Samantha, folks.

If that September tour doesn't end up working out, Today, or at least Guthrie, will be happy to hire you as an "audience development" consultant. Think about it, Enrique.