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Eric Bana to Play Elvis in "Elvis and Nixon" Movie

An Aussie Elvis, you say? Well, to some it will no doubt come off as sacrilege to have perhaps our country's all-time greatest rock star being portrayed by an actor from the land down under, but this is the reality of the upcoming flick Elvis and Nixon, which will star Melbourne's own Paul Hogan Eric Bana—still probably best known for playing The Hulk about a decade back—as the legendary hip-swiveler. It's a bit hard to picture, especially for those of us who still have his thick native accent from his role in Funny People bouncing around our heads ("Yeah, but Cameron Diaz....FAAAAACK!!"), but if he can play an Israeli assassin well enough not to derail an Oscar-nominated movie like Munich, maybe the King isn't too far beyond the pale after all.

Also worth wondering—what the hell is this movie gonna be about, anyway? Sure, it's gonna focus on the meeting between Elvis and our country's 37th president, but how do you get an entire movie out of that? Are they gonna fight at some point? Is there a love interest somewhere? Will Danny-Huston-as-Nixon seethe "When the president does it, it's not illegal!!!" apropos of generally nothing, just because that's what CineNixons do? Should be interesting.

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