Erykah Badu on Tweeted Naked Pics: It Ain't Me, Babe


Remember yesterday, how we were totally perplexed by that story of Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips tweeting naked pics of Erykah Badu, presumably from the set of their "Furst Time Ever I Saw Your Face" video? Well, we have an explanation now, sort of, as Badu tweeted yesterday that contrary to popular belief, the pics are not of her. Sez Badu:

Oh, OK. So that's how it works in the Badu family? "Hey, Sis, gonna go shoot a video with this weird psychedelic Oklahoma band, why don't you show up naked for the shoot and have their lead singer tweet a bunch of photos of you?" Not to judge—it does look like the video will be cool, and as previously mentioned, filmed nudity just sorta runs in the family. Still, the headlines on this one just keep getting stranger, don't they?

[Daily Swarm]

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