Evan Blum Yearns for Emotional Connection on "No Reply"

A quirky pop gem about the hazards of the digital era.

Los Angeles singer-songwriter and producer Evan Blum introduces his new single, "No Reply," via Trailing Twelve Records.

"No Reply" recognizes the vast gulf between the digital world and human emotions.

According to Blum, "In a day and age where social connection is the easiest and most accessible that it's ever been, it's ironic to me that so many of us feel disconnected. All of us are reaching out constantly. Sometimes all we get back is no reply. I have to admit I'm guilty of it too. The song is a call to action for us to try and feel more connected. Find ways to put the phone or computer or whatever technology down and actually look each other in the eyes and connect."
"No Reply" opens on vibrant sonic colors flowing into a pulsing rhythm, as Blum's resonant tones infuse the lyrics with emotional longing and urgency.
"Disconnect with me / So you can / Just connect with me."

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