Realizing Late Night With Jimmy Fallon is a safe haven for just about anything, especially anything where Justin Bieber is involved, Evan Rachel Wood decided to reveal her love for The Bieb to the host and his audience on Wednesday night. "I got a bit of the Bieber Fever," the Ides of March star said, referencing her karaoke version of Bieber's "U Smile" captured on video earlier this summer. "Dude, being a Justin Bieber fan was not in the cards. I was not planning this,"  she explained. "I love Portishead, I love Radiohead, I love the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack, but I love Justin Bieber." No need to make excuses, Evan. Luckily Jimmy and millions of other Beliebers understand how you are feeling ("He's got a great story"). We know what someone will be getting her this holiday season. Wood further professed her admiration with a performance of "Baby," but only after securing the appropriate pieces of swag and undergoing a quick hair adjustment. Watch below.