There was a lot vying for your attention on the tube last night between playoff games creeping towards dawn and prime-time comedies unabashedly crushing it, but Miguel's appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman was a must-see (or DVR) event. Whether you've come to "Adorn" from last week's release of his second album, Kaleidoscope Dream, or have had it on consistent rotation since early 2012, the slow-jam served as perfect sonic fare to confirm all of your opinions about one of the latter half of 2012's most talked about acts. (Diddy and French Montana stayed home.) In a sharp suit and dark shades, Miguel took the late-night stage in New York, letting his cascading falsetto cut through heavy smoke clouds as the joy within his lower body was just dying to get out. And with white shoes like that practically demanding to be seen, his slipping and sliding across the stage could't come soon enough.

Like those from Pleasantville, he eventually broke out in color, capping things off with a mini-strip tease and some epic microphone dancing that all of today's boy bands could learn a thing or two from. And now, a special performance by David Letterman himself: "Oooh my God! Holy! How 'bout that? Yeah! You know what I mean? Nice work, Miguel!" he said, practically reading our minds. Yes, Miguel really is that good. Watch below.