Charles Schulz probably would have hated LMFAO. (Go read about his life, and you'll see.) But have the video-making masses ever sided with the curmudgeons? No. They side with people who really want to see a bunch of hand-drawn--computer-drawn, possibly, but nevertheless drawn--Peanuts characters shuffling to "Party Rock Anthem." Specifically: Snoopy plays Redfoo, Woodstock playing SkyBlu (the roles aren't actually delineated, but come on), and Hello Kitty playing Lauren Bennett just because.

Did we mention it's all hand-drawn? It's nice when people spend time on these things. As animator Didier Ah Koon writes, "it began with a funny little idea, then it became a huge amount of work. It ended with an enormous explosion of laugh."

Viral-Bait Components: Nostalgia, LMFAO, painstaking and/or DIY animation, cartoons