More than the swivel chairs, more than the hashtaggery or camaraderie or rivalry between judges, The Voice's selling point is its positivity. No mocking contestants for their looks, no cutthroat squabbling to singers, no meanness, just talent and compliments and uplifting soundtracks for all. Acts being eliminated is just an unfortunate structural glitch in the talent-competition form.

That said, the latest promo for The Voice is pushing it a bit. Christina Aguilera narrates it, and judging by the script, she loves everything and everyone. Specifically, she loves all of the following:

- The break from The Voice.

- Next season of The Voice

- The jokes and fellowship with her fellow judges, both last season and in general.

- Being up on stage with her team, singing "Lady Marmalade."

- Her team being able to showcase their talents on stage.

- Working with her team.

- Molding younger singers' technique.

- Respecting older singers' already-established technique.

- The versatility and diversity of the artists on the show.

- Meeting the new talent.

- Her upcoming album. (What we know about it: she's actively working on it, and it's "introspective." She loves both of these facts.)

- Putting her feelings on paper by writing lyrics.

- The prospects for, as she called it, "Team Xtina."

Got that? Great. You can watch the promo below, although we essentially just told you every sentence.