Having a problem with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Want to know the best way to ask your douchey boss for a raise? Do your new skinny jeans make your butt look big? Sure, you can ask your REAL friends for their advice on such personal matters, but why do that, when you can ask wise rock stars (and total strangers!) Pete Wentz and Bebe Rexha from the Black Cards? Just jot down your question seeking their not-at-all-professional advice, email it to doctorpopstar@popdust.com, and if your submission is selected, you'll receive your reply in a video feature we're calling Dear Dr. Popstar, presented by Popdust.com and FriendsorEnemies.

Listen To Bebe Rexha & Nicki Minaj’s Thrilling ‘No Broken Hearts’

Deadline for submissions is Friday, May 13. Remember: No problem is too big or too small for a famous musician with awesome hair to solve.