EXO Shows Off Incredible Choreography For First 'Overdose' Performance


EXO finally held their first music program performance for their new single "Overdose" last on M! Countdown, and it was definitely worth the wait.

The boys surpassed their "Growl" and "Wolf" choreography with the energetic "Overdose" routine, which came off like a cross between an INFINITE and SHINee performance. It sounded like they were probably lip-syncing the whole thing, but with dancing this difficult, we don't blame them.

EXO have really come a long way since debuting with "MAMA" back in 2012, and are now continuing SM Entertainment's reputation as the home of K-pop's top dancers and performers. They're also possibly the most popular boy band in K-pop right now, with their "Overdose" music video amassing more than 4.2 million views in less than four days, while their accompanying mini-album has already sold 660,000 copies off of pre-orders alone.

Insane, right?

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