Where ya been, Weezy? Much has transpired in the world of pro sports since the last episode of Lil Wayne's "Sports Corner" video series, and finally, The Martian is back to give his take. He talks everything from basketball ("I actually don't think it's a rivalry [between the two LA teams]…because you're talking about a team with trillion championships, and a team with…I dunno, The Clippers, I'm not sure if they ever won a championship") to baseball ("We all wanna know where will Prince [Fielder] go?" Think we know that one already, actually).

But of course, this being the week before the Super Bowl, there's one thing above all on Lil Tunechi's mind: Football. He talks about the two conference championship games from the week before ("Giants won 20-17. WHAT. A. GAME.") and offers some words for the goats of the game, advising 49ers kick returner Kyle Williams to "get a rope" and saying that if Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff "still have on a Ravens jersey next year, then my name ain't Dwayne." And yes, after a great deal of mental anguish, he does make a Super Bowl XLVI prediction: The New England Patriots. "It's hard to against that kid #12," argues Weezy. 'Tis true, sadly.