FabFitFun Keeps Me On Trend

As a new mom, finding the time to treat myself has been close to impossible. Between my new baby, my old baby (aka my husband) and work, there's just no time left in the day to do anything for myself. If I'm lucky, a treat has resorted to a five-minute shower, drive-thru coffee or a 20 minute Netflix show. Prior to my son's arrival, I followed all the latest blogs and loved purchasing exclusive must-haves before they sold out. But now the tables have turned and I default to the mommy blogs - sucking me into buying every cute baby hat I find on Instagram. It wasn't until his first birthday, when I didn't have anything to wear, that I realized I hadn't bought any clothing, accessories or makeup for myself since he was born. It actually made me a little upset and miss the old me. I decided with my son officially out of the infant stage, it was time to start treating myself, but I didn't know where to start with so little time on my hands. I remembered that a friend of mine, who I was secretly envying for being such a put-together super-mom, always raved about FabFitFun, so I decided to sign-up right away.

FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box with the latest products, everything from fashion to health and beauty. The boxes are shipped out 4 times a year and are tailored to get you ready for the upcoming season. All the products they send are full-size which I absolutely love because I don't like the idea of sample-sized products cluttering around month after month. Each box is $50 but the products inside are always worth $200 or more and they are items found at high-end retailers like Neimen Marcus, Barney's and Sephora. They always have a great variety of products from different categories so your box never feels repetitive and it keeps you up-to-date on all trends across the board.

I joined FabFitFun just as the Fall box was shipping out and I was lucky enough to snag one before they were all gone. They are actually known to sell-out just a couple of weeks after they start shipping them; prior to joining I had no idea how in-demand these boxes were. However, when I received my first box, I immediately saw why everyone loved them. My fall box had a beanie and belt which were both brand-name, a cute "will workout for cupcakes" gym bag, teeth whitening charcoal (that works!), lavender cuticle oil, face masks, lipsticks in perfect fall shades, a super-soft throw blanket, and even a beautiful jewelry stand. I wore my hat the very next day and my husband actually noticed it, and he rarely notices anything. He made a comment about how he liked the color on me, a soft pink, and it made me feel really good. It brought me back to the days where I was more adventurous in my fashion choices and actually put thought into my outfits. I used to love receiving compliments like that on my clothing and this simple, little pink hat helped me feel more like the old me and I enjoyed every second of it.

I have received two boxes from FabFitFun so far and can't wait for the third, which is shipping out soon. The products are always premium and full size - nothing has ever been a throwaway. I love that the only thing I had to do was sign-up and they took care of the rest. With how busy my life is, I lose track of the time between the boxes and when I receive one at my front door it feels like Christmas morning. Literally everything about this box has brought me joy and it has made me realize the value of regularly treating myself, especially as a new mom, to keep my mood elevated – I'm still grateful for a warm shower and a latte, but I love my FabFitFun membership.

Update: New Members, Follow this link to get $10 off the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED Spring Box - a $200 value for just $39.99!

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