You may have heard about the Floyd Mayweather - Victor Ortiz boxing match that took place this weekend, a surreal bout that involved a headbutt, a taunting kiss, and ultimately, a K.O. sucker-punch of arguable morality. Well, it wasn't the only welterweight bout happening in Vegas that weekend—rapper Fabolous and R&B singer Ray J also apparently got a little rock 'em sock 'em in of their own. The incident was prompted by some tweeting that 'Loso did about Ray J's appearance playing piano for Mayweather on the 24/7 special on HBO that preceded the fight ("Floyd saying we havin a concert in my living room & the camera cuts to Ray J singing "One Wish" on the piano had me in tears!!"), which apparently Mr. J appreciated not.

Next thing you know, the two are meeting up at the fight after party at the Palms Hotel in Vegas. “When I seen [Fabolous] I was with Floyd and 50 [Cent] and [Fab] tried to say ‘Don’t touch me’ and I touched that nigga,” claimed William Ray in a phone interview with New York's Power 105.1 FM. "Don’t disrespect me and Floyd like that,” he explained. “I play piano in [his home] every day. That’s my big bro, we grew up together. So if you think I just came over there and played a song you got it motherfuckin twisted. I’m always over there.” Interesting that J seems to think it's less funny for him to be playing piano EVERY DAY for Floyd Mayweather, but perhaps there's something more honorable in that level of devoted servitude than if he was just some fly-by-night troubadour.

Ray says that Fabolous returned no punches in the altercation, but there are of course two sides to every story, and Fabbo has yet to weigh in on the drama. (For the record, both "#thingstougherthanRayJ" and "#peopletougherthanRayJ" are currently trending on Twitter, suggesting that the public may or may not believe William Ray's general account of events.) In any event, Mayweather has offered Ortiz a rematch, so perhaps J and Fab can reassemble on the sequel's undercard, and do it proper with the glove-touching and rumble-preparing and whatnot. The pop duo probably wouldn't quite command the $25 mil that Mayweather did, but we guarantee someone would televise the shit out of it.