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What Is FailSafe Festival?

FailSafe Festival is a five-day festival of live performance, taking place in the Times Square/Hell's Kitchen area of New York City. FailSafe Festival provides a space for artists to push beyond what they consider "safe" to present, giving them an opportunity to show work that may not have a home elsewhere.

As part of the second annual FailSafe Arts Festival, 10 artists of varying backgrounds will present live performances over 5 days in the Times Square/Hell's Kitchen District. FailSafe provides a space for artists to push beyond what they consider "safe" to present, giving them an opportunity to show work that might not have a home elsewhere. Last year, the festival presented work from 11 artists and organizations and welcomed over 400 audience members to take in dance, theater, and music for adventurous theatergoers.

This year we are excited to see "Until Proven Guilty."

Until Proven Guilty is the final installment of Louis DeVaughn Nelson's American Satire Trilogy. Human Error (2007) dealt with the effects of technological advancements on society, Man Bites Dog (2010) satirized sensationalism in the media, andUntil Proven Guilty will address good, old-fashioned American sociopolitical warfare.

The former two ballets were performed at The Philadelphia Live Arts & Fringe Festival. The underlying theme of this series is social justice. Until Proven Guilty uses theatre, modern dance, burlesque and multimedia to explore several facets of the minority experience, including domestic violence, external and internal racism, sexuality, discrimination, bigotry, misogyny, and the marginalization inherent in class and social systems.

Photo of "Until Proven Guilty"by Shayla Lawson

Written and Choreographed by Louis DeVaughn Nelson, Directed by Jeannine Frumess with Film by Maren Woodward, and featuring writing from Merry Johns, Until Proven Guilty by Hokum Arts has been selected for this year's festival. The diverse cast and crew is entirely made up of POC, LGBTQ and Women including Natasha Frater, Ariella Mastroianni, Brian McQueen, Blaire O'Leary, and Jeffrey Buck Wright Jr.

When and How do I get tickets?

Until Proven Guilty has one more show left On Sunday, August 12th @ 6pm

For tickets

Tickets will also be available for purchase in person half an hour prior to performance. Cash only.

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