As great as Adele's first two 21 singles were, you could say there was something left to be desired in the music video department. Not that the clips for "Rolling in the Deep" or "Someone Like You" were bad by any means—they were both perfectly nice and had some striking imagery and whatnot—but they weren't all that memorable or interesting, and if you couldn't remember anything about either in five years no one at Popdust would blame you. So for the album's third single, "Set Fire to the Rain," aspiring video director Andrew Vallentine took matters into his own hands, helming a highly unofficial video for the song, starring a trio of ballet dancers and, of course, a fake Adele.

And you know what? It's pretty damn good. It's certainly professional-looking enough that if you didn't already know the fraudulent setup, you wouldn't be able to tell immediately (or possibly at all) that it was fan-created. The fake Adele is very convincing, especially because Vallentine keeps her in shadows and quick cuts for most of the video (only when the camera lingers on her in the open is it an obvious double), and the choreography and interplay between the dancers is pretty fantastic. ("The music video portrays a man struggling with his sexuality," explained Vallentine to Idolator, "While the girl in love with him fights to hold on as everything she thought she knew comes crashing down before her." Sure.)

Whatever the real "Set Fire to the Rain" video ends up being, it's going to have a lot to live up to here. Maybe it's best to just put this fake vid into rotation and get to work on a kickass "Rumour Has It" clip, Adele.